Regular Mixing Bowls

Deep Mixing Bowls

Deep Mixing Bowls - Colours

Footed Mixing Bowls

German Mixing Bowls

Antiskid German Bowls - IL

Euro Bowls Color - OL

Color Antiskid German Bowl

Euro Measuring Bowl

Color Antiskid Grater Bowl Set

Inside Bead Salad Bowls

Inside Bead Salad Bowl - Hammer

Apple Bowls - Plain

Apple Bowls - PineApple

Euro Hammer Bowls - 2 Tone

Hammer City Bowls

Euro Bowls - Color Matte

Rice Washer Bowl

Storage Bowls with PP Lid

Storage Bowls with Color

Storage Bowls with Color Lid

Lip Bowl with Wire Handle

Regular Measuring Bowl

Finger Bowls with Lid

Conical Bowls - Hammered

Conical Bowls with Ring Handle

Conical Tiffins

Round Tiffins

Bread Basket - Premier

Bread Basket - 1, 2, 3, 4

Champagne Bowl

Soup Tureen with Lid & Ladle

S/W Belly Bowls - Plain

S/W Belly Bowls - Hammered

Gift Packing Concepts

Gift Packing Concepts

Regular Colander

Deep Colander - Mango

Deep Colander - Color

Deep Colander - Color Wire Stand

3 Line Dotted Colander - Mirror

3 Line Dotted Colander - Color

2 Line Dotted Colander

Capsul Colander

Spaghetti Colander

German Colander

German Colander - Rose Gold

German Colander wire stand

EURO Pinapple

Conical Colanders

Deep Strainers (A & B)

Packing Concept - Bulk & Gift Box

Oval Platters

Fish Platters

Charger Plate - Mirror / Satin

Charger Plate - Color

Round Serving Tray Wide Rim

Round Dinner Plate - T-1

Round Dinner Plate - T-2

Round Dinner Plate - T-3

Round Dinner Plate - T-4

D/W Round Dinner Plate - T-5

Round Dinner Plate - T-6

Rectangular Dinner Plate - T-7

Roasting Pans w/o grill

Roasting Pans with grill

Soup Plate - Plain

Soup Plate - Designer


Tapper Cutlery Holder

Round Cutlery Holder

Kitchen Tools Holder

Measuring Spoons - Wire Handle

Measuring Spoons - Sheet Handle

Measuring Cups - Wire Handle

Measuring Cups - Sheet Handle

Egg Ring / Cake Ring

Cake Rings with Long Handle

Universal Lid Covers - T-1

Universal Lid Covers - T-2

TCS - Sober Color

TSC - Doom - Satin

TCS - See Through Ring

Cheese Graters (A & B)

Tea Strainers - T1

Tea Strainers - T2

Soup Strainers

Cooking Wok - 1

Cooking Wok - 2

Frying Pan

Sauce Pan

Cooking Pot

Coffee Warmers - T-1

Coffee Warmers - T-2

Coffee Warmers - T-3

Deep Mugs

Professional Wire Skimmers

Indian Tops

A. Spoon Rest / B. Potato Masher

Mesh Colanders